Vishnu’s eternal wisdom… now a secret no more!

Discover Vishnu’s 6 secrets to living a more empowered life filled with Abundance, Happiness and Positivity. Experience an oasis of calm, right here in the midst of everyday living!

Introducing The Vishnu Experience, the very first of its kind audio programme that combines India’s ancient wisdom with personal development tools for practical application to daily life!
Finally, you too can tap in to timeless wisdom and access Vishnu’s 6 secrets for a more wholesome, meaningful life!

Vishnu is one of the most versatile mythical figures who appears time and again in different ages, taking

different forms to suit the needs of that particular age. In the Treta Yuga, which was the last of the golden ages,

Vishnu came as Lord Rama- the idealistic King: calm, serene, gentle & obedient. In the next age or Dwapara Yuga, where moral degeneration of civilization reached the third stage,

Vishnu appeared as Krishna, the naughty charmer, the charismatic, not-so rigid, most loving & easily reachable Avatar of Vishnu…

Vishnu’s various changing forms are a great metaphor for the relevance of spirituality in all ages and times: times change, contexts change but human emotions remain the same and the essential human need for happiness and fulfillment sustains all great changes of time.

The philosophical treasure that Vishnu’s symbolic stories contain does not lie out of

reach in an isolated space of high & mighty, disconnected philosophy present in complex language. Vishnu’s philosophy is interspersed in the twists and turns of poignant and entertaining tales, deeply

connecting the depths of human emotions with elevating philosophy- thus making supreme knowledge and bliss attainable and experiential in this very, everyday life!

The richness of the numerous legends and tales associated with Lord Vishnu & his Avatars do not appeal only to the heart or only to the mind exclusively: they not only instill enormous strength of faith but also resolve matters of the mind- he is the one with all the answers.

He is the only one of the gods of the holy trinity- Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva) who repeatedly descends the earth, intermingles with the world and presents a living example of how life should be lead in accordance to the laws of every age and time.

The varying character and tales of Lord Vishnu’s avatars provides for an answer to every possible question, every possible conflict, every possible emotion and every possible need, irrespective of the time and age we belong to.

Come, find yourself in the tales of Vishnu, see your very own problems addressed, and liberate yourself from all worldly pains and troubles while being successful in this very world at the same time!…

Dear Seeker of Wisdom and Fulfilment, Are you looking for answers to real-life questions such as:

  • How do I attain inner peace while maintaining a busy schedule at work and home?

  • How do I create a healthy work-life balance?

  • How can I be happy at work?

  • How can I have a happy, joyful marriage?

  • How can I build stronger, healthier relationships with my parents, children, friends, colleagues and others around me?

  • How do I break away from my past and live more in my present?

  • How do I attract abundance and newness into my life?

  • How do I cast away stereotypes about myself and move into a new space in life?

  • What does it take to be liked by all and become popular?

  • How do I find happiness and success in my personal and professional lives?

  • How do I achieve fulfillment and a sense of satisfaction in life?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, then you’ve probably explored many forms of personal development or spirituality in your voyage to seek inner peace, balance, happiness, success and fulfillment.

Whatever your path has been, however long you’ve been on this journey, you’ve arrived at this page today because somehow, you are drawn by the mystical and beautiful traditions surrounding Vishnu.

You, like millions of others, are looking for the authentic secrets of Vishnu… secrets that have made him revered as the lord of love and wisdom for centuries. You are attracted towards the ancient wisdom that has shaped and evolved one of the world’s oldest mystical cultures for over four thousand years.

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I thank you for all the inspirational emails. Absolutely great literature; I look forward to them and reread over and over. I can feel your true and deep connections with Lord Shiva my beloved! Your teachings come at the most perfect timing in my life.
Thank you very much Respectfully.


Over 10 Million People a Month are Searching for the Truth About Vishnu…

Did you know…
According to Google’s statistics, over 10 million people across the globe are Google searching about Vishnu!
Why are so many people so keen to know more about Vishnu? What is it about this deity that has aroused the curiosity of millions across the globe?

The Answer to Why People are So Fascinated with Vishnu…

Vishnu is the only Indian Deity who is believed to have come to Earth TEN times and, each time in a different avatar (form)!! His numerous avatars range from the forms of Kurma (tortoise), Varaha (boar), Narasimha (half-man, half-lion) to those of the legendary Rama and Krishna.

To some, this may sound unreal; after all, why would a deity come to Earth as a tortoise and then a king? Where is the common thread between all these avatars and what are the messages that humankind is being given with each appearance? The Vishnu Experience offers answers to these and many more questions!

Hinduism has mention of millions of Deities and as many books that are replete with stories of their miracles. Why is it, then, that Vishnu has been revered as THE Deity whom everyone looks up to, to save the world from destructive forces over and over again?

Vishnu’s teachings have remained relevant even in today’s day and age and have adapted themselves to the needs of an ever-changing society. His teachings have a universal and timeless appeal; they have given succour to seekers of truth since time immemorial!

Vishnu… protagonist of the great epics – Ramayana and Mahabharata, whose wisdom is immortalized in the celestial song of the Bhagavad Gita

Why Experience Vishnu?

The word Vishnu in Sanskrit means the ‘all pervading’. As per the ancient Indian legends, recorded in centuries’ old scriptures, Vishnu is part of the Hindu triad of Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh, in which Brahma is considered to be the creator, Vishnu the preserver or provider and Mahesh (or Shiva) the destroyer. It is believed that Vishnu comes to Earth every time the world is burdened with negative energies. He appears in his various avatars to restore the balance that once existed in the world! Unravel the profound messages that each avatar brings… in The Vishnu Experience.

Why Experience Vishnu?

For centuries now, Vishnu has been revered as the protective force that helps us in times of need. The stories of his various avatars have secrets embedded within them that, once uncovered, can help us lead the life we’ve always wanted to!

Vishnu, in his avatar as Rama, is the protagonist of the widely known and revered epic – ‘The Ramayana’. In his avatar as Krishna, he strengthens and leads the positive forces to ultimate victory in the famous epic – ‘The Mahabharata’.

Not only are his life stories rich in symbolism and meaning, but even his words of wisdom spoken thousands of years ago continue to inspire people even today. Take for example the “Bhagavad Gita” spoken by Krishna in the Mahabharata – this well-known text is a treatise on the various paths to self-realization.

The Vishnu Experience isn’t just about narrating these stories; it delves into the ocean of symbolism that surrounds each story and brings to you the timeless truths that each character epitomizes.

Why Experience Vishnu?

There must be a reason why millions of people across the globe have been fascinated by Vishnu’s epic stories and lessons. Some of his greatest teachings are unravelled by delving deep into the symbolism of each story. An action speaks a thousand words – perhaps this is why Vishnu’s avatars have taught so much through their actions alone. Truly, their lives have been their message.

It is possible to draw a parallel between each event in the lives of his numerous avatars and the events that unfold in our lives as well. This is what we discover in ‘The Vishnu Experience’.

Still, Why Experience Vishnu?

Vishnu appears in TEN different avatars over the ages, and in each appearance he weaves an intricate story that is passed on from one generation to the next. There are so many stories to be told, so much to be learnt!

‘The Vishnu Experience’ offers the best of these stories in an audio course comprising 6 modules. Within each module, the stories of his various avatars are told and precious lessons gathered along the way. Now, Vishnu’s secrets remain a secret no more.

Now EVERYONE can benefit from Vishnu’s wisdom and watch their lives change as they imbibe his eternal messages!

“ Over the years I have become convinced that we learn best – and change – from hearing stories that strike a chord within us… Those in leadership positions who fail to grasp or use the power of stories risk failures for their companies and for themselves! ”

– John Kotter, Harvard Business School Professor, and author Leading Change

“ By refusing to have our stories bounded by time, and grounding them in our awe of our universe, we choose to enact a larger, more hopeful and more positive story of humanity. ”

– Michael Bogdanffy-Kreigh, Past President, New York Society for Ethical Culture

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”

– Philip Pullman, Author

The Vishnu Experience
Your Shortest Path to a Life of Wisdom, Wealth and Fulfilment in 6 Simple Steps!

Module 1

Step #1: The Route to Overcome Past Demons and Develop a Stronger Sense of Self

  • Have you ever had to face your personal demons and been at a loss about how to deal with them? These could be demons chasing you from your past that are affecting your present.

  • Vishnu’s secret in his Varaha and Narasimha avatars will reveal the secret to dealing with your past and help you live your present more fully!

  • The fascinating story of a young boy who has unraveled the secret to lasting happiness and is rewarded by Vishnu himself, who manifests to save the boy’s life!

  • Discover the one thing that will help you gain more control of your own destiny!

  • How to break away from old norms and ideas to attract something new and meaningful into your life.

  • The Route to Overcome Past Demons and Develop a Stronger Sense of SelfThe Route to Overcome Past Demons and Develop a Stronger Sense of Self

Module 2:

Step # 2: The Route to Lasting Peace, Happiness & Prosperity

  • Learning to better understand the life situations we find ourselves in and developing the ability to find peace and happiness even in adverse circumstances.

  • Lessons from Vishnu in his Kurma Avatar, on how to sift through life’s experiences and draw the lessons the Universe is trying to teach us.

  • How to increase your faith in the Universe – faith that the Universe will take care of you and provide for you. A simple ingredient to make things work in your favour even when you feel like all hope is lost!

  • The secret to achieving a permanent state of happiness that is unaffected by external factors!

  • Learn from the Gods what true wealth really is and how to become wealthy spiritually!

  • The Route to Lasting Peace, Happiness & ProsperityThe Route to Lasting Peace, Happiness & Prosperity

Module 3:

Step # 3: The Route to Overcome Weakness, Rivalry and Recognise Life Changing Opportunities

  • How many times have you felt weighed down by the need to prove yourself, especially when the odds seem to be against you?

  • Learn from Vishnu in his Vamana Avatar, the one secret that can get you through the most trying times. An age old recipe for success that has been passed down through generations, over centuries.

  • A new perspective on how you look at yourself and others. Learn to love yourself more and move away from stereotypical images of yourself!

  • How to recognise an opportunity that has the potential to change your life for the better.

  • The Route to Overcome Weakness, Rivalry and Recognise Life Changing OpportunitiesThe Route to Overcome Weakness, Rivalry and Recognise Life Changing Opportunities

Module 4:

Step # 4: The Route to Popularity & Success

  • Ever felt like there are too many people who would rather see you fail than succeed? Vishnu as Rama reveals the secret of turning your enemies into your friends for life!

  • How to apply this secret within yourself to automatically lead you to the path of success.

  • The one thing that will open the flow of love, appreciation and respect into your life.

  • How to initiate a chain of reciprocity in which you give and receive love and respect in equal measure, irrespective of the obstacles that come in your way.

  • The Route to Popularity & SuccessThe Route to Popularity & Success

Module 5:

Step # 5: The Route to Making Your Destiny Work for You

  • What it takes to alter life’s course to make circumstances and events work in your favour.

  • How to better understand life situations you find yourself in and interpret the messages the Universe is trying to send you!

  • The story of Rama’s journey from royalty to living as a hermit in the forest. A saga of loyalty, love, and the strength of integrity.

  • The Route to Making Your Destiny Work for YouThe Route to Making Your Destiny Work for You

Module 6:

Step # 6: The Route to Love and Harmony

  • Want to know how to attract love and peace into your life?

  • Learn from the master of love himself- Vishnu in his avatar as Krishna is loved by one and all. Find out Kaanha’s secret to a life of eternal love.

  • Feel like you’re often not surrounded by real friends and well-wishers? Krishna shows us how to choose the right kind of friends.

  • Known for being the eternal friend, Krishna reveals the secret to creating and maintaining friendships for life!

  • The Route to Love and HarmonyThe Route to Love and Harmony

For the very first time ever, Transformative is offering a sneak peek into the course. Listen to the introduction of one of the modules by clicking on this player.


The Vishnu Experience is a captivating narration of ancient stories and legends delivered to you in high quality audios over 6 fascinating modules. For the first time ever, you can tap into ancient Indian wisdom from the comfort of your sofa without having to read voluminous books or encyclopaedias!

Users of our much acclaimed Ganesha and Shiva courses sent us numerous mails requesting us to create an audio course that is easier to use and can be listened to over and over while driving, on iPods while exercising or simply while relaxing at home or outdoors.

After much research and bringing together some very talented voice artists, we have put together the FIRST EVER AUDIO COURSE to be developed by the Transformative team!
Each module is available as an online, downloadable audio.
Each one of Vishnu’s stories is full of life changing secrets that are as enjoyable as it is beneficial to listen to over and over again!

BONUS #1: Guided Meditation Audio Track

Experience the power of Vairagya Meditation and destress yourself!

    The Vishnu Experience Audio Program comes with a powerful bonus! This Guided Meditation Audio Track will take you to the top of Mt. Kailash and liberate you from stress! During the meditation, not only will you feel relaxed, you will also be able to release your burdens by seeing your circumstances through the eyes of emotional detachment.

    Here is what listeners have to say about the track:

    “I cannot believe the power of Vairagya. I did it for 5 min about 4hrs ago, after noting that I need not any disturbances, I paused and just returned to it. I felt such an impact in that 5 min because I was so distressed, but that short period of time everything just evaporated and I felt very great and productive – which is something new to me. I have just finished the entire session now, I love it, it is so amazing, I will apply this and revisit the audio as much as possible.

    Thank You, you are such a God sent it is unbelievable.

    God Bless you

    Love, Mandro”

    “Thank u very much for such a wonderful God’s gift . I’ve experienced the vairagya meditation, indeed a very different experience. I really felt very light a had a calm sleep too. Thank you once again.

    Usha Sardesai”

    “Wowww!! It really relieves my tension and frustration especially on mount kailash you were just free from all your stress. It was just great even when you come out of the meditation you feel calm and stressfree.

    It was indeed peaceful.

    Melissa Ramsaran”

Bonus #2: The Vishnu Experience Text Companion

A complete transcript of all the modules for easy referencing

    Users of other Transformative products urged us to create an Audio Course, but we’re taking it a step further – not only will you receive the entire audio package, but you will also receive the entire transcript of all the modules for your easy referencing.

  • No more rewinding, no more fast-forwarding, no more pausing!!

  • If you want to read, re-read or study any part of this course, you can now refer to this handy transcript of The Vishnu Experience courses.

Bonus #3

Shiva’s Advanced Training on Relationships (valued at $35)

  • The secrets of harmony and understanding to achieve lasting relationships from Lord Shiva, father of Ganesha

  • Enchanting tales of Shiva’s family life and how he guided each relationship to grow with love

  • The lessons we can learn about relating to others which will help us relate better to our own selves and accelerate our spiritual growth

  • Shiva’s Advanced Training on Relationships

Download the entire Digital Program and Get Instant Access!

The Vishnu Experience Digital Download Only

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The Vishnu Experience Physical Collection

The Power of Stories in Personal Development:
New Psychological Reasons for an Old Education Method

What makes The Vishnu Experience so unique is that it leverages the most traditional and powerful form of teaching – the power of stories.

Merging ancient wisdom and historical insights with personal development tools, the stories in The Vishnu Experience takes you through a unique 6-point learning experience.

  • Knowledge: What happened in the story?

  • Comprehension: Why did it happen that way?

  • Evaluation: What was the historical context of the story and how can you apply the insights derived from it today?

  • Analysis: How can these insights or teachings help solve different situations and different problem?

  • Application: How have others applied the teachings to improve their lives? (An exploration of case studies and real life stories)

  • Integration: Which personal development tools can help you integrate the teachings of Vishnu into your everyday life?

Why is this an opportunity you must NOT miss?

Since this is our first try at an audio course, we are offering this course at a rock bottom rate of One Time Introductory Price – $45 ONLY!!!! This is the first time ever that Transformative has come out with such a low price for any of its products.

The reason we are giving you this course at such a low price is that since this is our first time with an ONLY Audio course, we are keen to get your feedback so that we can carry on working on the course and improving it as we go along. This is why,

The Vishnu Experience is available at a
One Time Introductory Price – $45 ONLY!!

We are keen to know how The Vishnu Experience has benefited you and so for the first month, we encourage you to share your feedback and become a part of creating change in the lives of others!

You’re Also Getting a No-Risk 60-Day
Money-back Guarantee

We’re very confident that The Vishnu Experience can help anyone from any level of society and at any stage in their life learn the secrets of wisdom and fulfilment.

Our confidence comes from the tremendous effort that has gone into developing this system that comprehensively merges authentic historical context with personal development tools, extracting the essence of Vishnu’s 6 Success Secrets so you can apply it to your life for lasting results.

However, if for any reason you feel that the insights, lessons, and exercises of The Vishnu Experience don’t provide you the tools to change your life and put you on the path to fulfilment and happiness, then please tell us, and we will happily return your money.

So please, don’t hesitate to immerse yourself in The Vishnu Experience. You have 60 days to try it out for yourself and decide if it’s the right fit for you, absolutely risk-free. That is our sincere promise and gift to you.

The Vishnu Experience

Your Shortest Path to a Life of Wisdom, Wealth and Fulfilment in 6 Simple Steps!

    All 6 modules of The Vishnu Experience Programme (worth $97)

  • Module 1: The Route to Overcome Past Demons and Develop a Stronger Sense of Self

  • Module 2: The Route to Lasting Peace, Happiness & Prosperity

  • Module 3: The Route to Overcome Weakness, Rivalry and Recognise Life Changing Opportunities

  • Module 4: The Route to Popularity & Success

  • Module 5: The Route to Making Your Destiny Work for You

  • Module 6: The Route to Love and Harmony

  • 3 Powerful Bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: Vairagya Meditation Audio Track- A collection of 18 powerful ancient Indian shlokas (verses) (valued at $20)

  • Bonus#2: The Vishnu Experience Text Companion

  • Bonus#3: Shiva’s Advanced Training on Relationships (valued at $35)

The Vishnu Experience Digital Download

Download the entire digital programme along with the bonuses and get instant access now.

Download the entire Digital Program and Get Instant Access!

The Vishnu Experience Digital Download Only

Get A Set of Audio CD’s Delivered Right to your Doorstep Absolutely Free!

The Vishnu Experience Physical Collection

P.S. Remember… you have a full 60 days to try The Vishnu Experience risk-free, and if for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, just return it within 60 days and we’ll happily return every cent, no questions asked.

P.P.S. Plus — 3 special bonuses including the powerful Vairagya Meditation Audio Track CD with 18 melodius chants to enliven the positive energy within and around you worth $20 are also yours for FREE. At $45 only, this complete set and the 3 bonuses are an incomparable life transforming opportunity to find happiness, wealth and fulfilment in all areas of your life.

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Om Namo Narayanaya!

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