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Thank you a lot for sending me The Vishnu Experience, which I am enjoying everyday and which increases my knowledge spiritually.I have learnt a lot of new things of which I was not aware and I feel happy and I feel strong. I also feel as if am a new person since the time I have been receiving email on Ganesha experience and that of on Lord Shiva as well.
I think God has chosen you as a lucky person to send me such powerful mantras, which is precious to me and I am sharing same to my friends.Please continue to send me in future
Kind Regards


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all these enlightening experiences and information. I truly appreciate all of it for my daily existence. Thank you so much! Namaste!

Monica Ramkellowan

After reading all the lessons from Lord Ganesha, The great Lord Shiva and now the GREAT LORD VISHNU… while I am going through a very hard time in life… these lessons tells me I have a choice.. is to either wasted away in the past or make my present and future more powerful.
TODAY thank you for this lessons as I am going to make the choice to forgive in my heart and make my future more powerful. I am living in the past of what happened and it is makes my heart hurt more and more.. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THESE LESSONS. Maybe my prayers are answered through you to teach me that I have a choice in life not matter what. I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR HELPING ME TAKE CONTROL OF MY LIFE BACK! May the great Lord shower his blessings on you.


I have indeed been receiving the powerful tools and experiences of Vishnu. I thank you very much for sharing with us this amazing and out this world wisdom. I am currently in the deepest of life’s challenges, learning and receiving this enlightenment is making this very very challenging phase be bearable and transforming. Being found by you all has indeed prepared me for this challenge with all your wisdom, guidance and amazing teachings – such a wealth of knowledge.
Thank you for sharing it with me.

Wishing the best in all spheres of your lives.

Love Mandro

Thank you for these stories and to the spiritual powers that directed you to email me. I recently wanted to know more of these stories to teach my grand daughter and now here they are. Bless you with continued excellent health and continual prosperity.

Myra Ayaba Ka Maat Tehuti Awoyemi Bey

Om Namo Narayanaya!


Jai Shree Krishna and a million thanks for the invaluable information and motivation.
May you be rewarded a million fold for your generosity and I appreciate the time you spend to add value to other peoples lives – people you dont even know – wish you love light peace and joy from Gauteng Johannesburg South Africa from Rennie

Tharadevi Davechand

I am doing fine, Your lessons are enlightening one and the way you have interpret our epic is awesome and from that you are giving valuable lessons
for today’s hectic life.
Thank you

Swapna Rajan

So Beautiful I always appreciate every word of Lord Krishna and whenever I open the mail and read about the experience makes my day so light. Just a great feeling to move on in this world with such reminders of our Divine Song the Bhagwata Gita.
Keep sending such inspiring self realisations.

Mrs Ramola

Thank you very much for your hard work and real truth about the Vishnu experience to provide me to listening with lovely sound and tune.

Thank you very much and i am praying for God Gives you more knowledge to you so we can watch or listen and read more about trimurti fact and apply in this word to create best place to live.

hari subedi

Once again I am without words. It’s like I have never seen it from this perspective.
Thank you very much once more.

Bickram Singh, San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago

I enjoy reading the articles you send me,I always learn something about God, mythology and a lot of details which usually I cannot reach to because we do not have all thebooks to go through and also lack time. I really appreciate all the effort you are putting in to bring us a lesson from which we can learn.
Thank you very much.

Krishna Kumar
United States

I’m very impressed by your great knowledge about Shiva and how you relate everyday life with mythology. I just say I have learned a lot from you. I’m taking note of the Trilogy of BRAHMA ,VISHNU AND SHIVA. I will try to put what have said into practice not just to sustain but to keep growing spiritually. All my respect to you.

Balraj, Mauritus

Oh thank you so much. This is very enlightening and comforting. I do hope to meet you one day in the not too distant future…Until then, every good wish and kindest regards.


Dear Thanks for your mail.
I am really thankful for sending these valuable messages. I need more advice from you
with regards


Thanks for the thoughts, and believe me the first one is really soothing and sweet. It takes you to heights !!! I love it . I do not know the rest.
Thanks again.

Sukwaria Rattanlal, San Fernando
Trinidad and Tobago

Hi,thanks I really love it

Felix Ehidiamhen

Hi Doc thanks a lot for all yr help it was marvelous Dhanyavad

Ramesh Hurdyal

Thank you soo much for the inspiration and teachings you have sent to me. It is so uplifting and I look forward to reading every one of the from.
God Bless

Sharlene Singh
South Africa

Hello Dr,
I saved the stories and give it to my children to read. They’ll love it.

Uma Sharma

Not just interesting but mind absorbing too…..the the events and their essence have been precisely put forth in a simple and interesting manner……ur professional hold over the subject shows the finese……

Ramesh Patel